Monday, March 14, 2011


Most of those who give a crap will already have formed an opinion on the new Radiohead album "The King of Limbs." The other day, my GF and I were shlubbing out on the couch (as is often our wont), when I said "Hey, d'ya wanna listen to some music?" The object of my devotions replied "Uh yeah I s'pose." 

I proposed the new Radiohead. She seemed dubious on this point, opining "No, Radiohead sucks ballz" so I suggested as an alternative Tom Vek. She asked me who Tom Vek was. "Kinda garage-rocky british dude" was my illuminating answer, by which, blessedly, she seemed satisfied. So I put Tom Vek on.

During the first track my ladylove remarked "Oh yeah I've heard this" before returning to her facebooking. 

At about the fourth track in though, she who holds the everlasting candle of my heart suddenly paused, looked straight at me and made the following utterance: "Honey, are you sure this is Radiohead?"

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