Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It's a stereotype for sure, but most guys when questioned would agree that sometimes their ladies get a little...jealous. But, let me ask you, has your special lady ever gotten jealous over: a beverage?

When I informed my ladylove of my nascent intention to finally join the ranks of the blogerati, she was, as ever, encouraging and supportive. "That's a great idea honey, you can practise writing, I think it would be really good for you" she said. Extremely nice, nothing to complain about there. But upon my saying "I think I'll write my first blog thing about coffee" the proverbial really hit the other proverbial.

 "OH REALLY! So, you can write your bloody blog crap about COFFEE, but can't even write ANYTHING about me first?! You obviously love COFFEE more than you love ME!!"

After this, try as I might simply I could not convince my beloved that she was always first in my heart of hearts, and that my writing a post on a subject other than her own many virtues was in no way a repudiation.

I live in hope that the cracks in our relationship caused by my transgression might some day heal...

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